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For all those who have come across my blog through a link in an op-ed I wrote in support of the NC Governor's School, "WELCOME!"

The NC Governor's School is one of the most life-changing chapters of my life. Aside from meeting my husband there it really helped prepare me for raising a neuro-atypical child. Our daughter is Autistic. As she has grown I have switched from saying "she has Autism" to "she is Autistic" because I want her to celebrate who she is. I want her to own it. A friend of mine, and adoring uncle of my daughter, joked, "it makes perfect sense. This is who she is. You wouldn't say someone has homosexuality." He's right. And I really feel Governor's School laid the foundation for me to easily adapt to the idea of 'neurodiversity' in education. I got to see first hand the magic that can happen when you are in a position to take your lesson plan "outside of the box." The NC Governor's School shows a multitude of brilliant minds that there is no 'one way' to be brilliant. This lesson empowers the best of the state to work towards higher education and beyond because they were taught at GS they have a unique voice and a special take on the world and the world needs to hear it. Public School teachers are heroic. They perform miracles with often sparse resources and a cruel paycheck. Governor's School is a program that takes the baton from those heroes and sprints for 5 and a half weeks to bring those beautiful and gifted minds to the next level.

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